Thappad – A wake up call

I recently saw this movie called Thappad.

Directed by Anubhav Sinha. Actress Taapsee Pannu played the lead role.

The movie really shook me for a while. Ever since, I watched it, too many things started taunting me. Experiences, incidents, and memories which we come across in our lives are flashing through my mind.

I m sure, this happens with most of us both men and women. Especially, when we watch such emotion driven women-centric films.

I believe we are sensible towards our woman at home. We do not want our woman to be suffered. We want them to be safe and happy forever.

You want your Mother to be happy and healthy. Don’t you?

You wish for your daughters and sisters wellbeing and prosperous life. Don’t you?

Likewise, you want your wife to have an opinion, be respected and treated equally with you in society.


We respect our mother, sister, and daughter but when it comes to wife, our priority and ethical thinking changes.

We still behave foolishly with them and make silly and blunder mistakes when it comes to dealing with woman in our lives. Our perception yet to be changed.

We feel upper hand on them for all useless reasons despite their supreme support and sacrifice for us throughout life.

They said Movie is a mirror of the society. Well said!!

This movie is a great example of woman’s choice, freedom, and gender equality.

Abuse, be it physical or emotional, it really takes a serious toll on relationships.

Movie:  When everything seemed to be perfect in a married life. A small incident which led husband (Vikram) to slap his wife (Amrita) in a party has changed everything for them. Life becomes upside down. Wife eventually chose to put an end to the relationship and divorce her husband.

Husband being judgmental and without even confessing his mistake, still tries to convince amrita to come back and lead life as usual.

Amrita (wife) makes her choice to get separated from husband despite what family and society thinks about her. She let her voice out & decides to quit relationship. Amrita gets support from her parents who seems to be reluctant in the beginning.

Similar situations happen in real lives too and sometimes it can get even worse, but it is woman who will compromise and move on because she has left with no choice.

In real life, woman cannot get support from parents, and society. It’s a sin if woman speaks her mind in those circumstances. After all we live in a society where monogamy is applicable to only woman whereas men can have multiple relationships and live with whoever he wants.

70 years of freedom & civilization has not brought any significant changes to woman’s life.

The bitter truth is that we do not want them to have an opinion or dialogue.

There are many innocent and hopeless Amritas existing in our society.

We also see that social activists, feminists out there fight for woman rights every now and then but it is the mindset of the men that needs to be changed.

However, people who already watched the movie had different opinions. They said, “its completely foolishness of Amrita(wife) who dragged it enough to spoil her own life just for the sake of one slap”. They also claim that it is common everywhere and one must adjust and keep their calm until situation becomes normal.

On other hand, majority of the people are supporting Amrita for taking a bold step and breaking stereotypes.

According to me, people who are bashing Amrita (character) in film should be able to accept the same when they face similar situations in life and lead society by an example. If not, they are big hypocrites.

Is it ok if wife slaps husband accidentally?

Is it ok if she slaps deliberately?


Abuse is abuse and its enough! No more arguments and counter arguments.

Its not just about slap, even our gestures and body language towards woman should not disrespect them.

Naturally, all women are stronger, smarter, and intelligent. They are already empowered. We have no right to hinder their freedom.

Its high time, stop being adamant. Let her voice be heard. If woman is happy at home, the harmony reflects in the society and country as well.

Hope we will have more feminists and world becomes a better place.

More power to woman.

Everyone must watch thappad and spread positivity. Good films should be encouraged.

– Post by Naresh kumar.

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