How to deal with employment gap in interviews

Most people face this situation in their career. Indeed, it’s an important factor to consider.

Rather than just focusing on filling the gaps in resume, one should really know how to deal with it in interviews because that’s where the challenge begins, and it can make or break the deal.

Is there a proper and ethical way to deal with it & succeed?


First thing don’t forget that you are exploring for a long-term successful career so be cautious and responsible.  

To know how to deal with employment gap in interviews, let us see the reasons for employment gaps:

There may be various reasons, but its most likely that people fall under categories below.

  • Quantum jump from one field to another: For an instance, you have been working in customer service for long time and it’s not exciting for you anymore. Over the time you might have developed your interest gradually in another field like IT.
  • Involved in business for some period and later figured out it’s not going cool or there is no scope further. Therefore, you need a job for your survival & you will have to start over again.
  • A Novice. A person who has not done anything for quite some time and completely new to a particular field.

If you do not belong to these three categories don’t fret because still you can have the same approach for this problem, and we are going to discuss it in next steps.

What you need to understand is covering up the employment gaps in resume just for the sake of it will not help you to succeed in the long run. It’s a useless effort.

Perhaps, you do it and got away with it at one point but it’s temporary and you couldn’t get along with same approach every time. You may also get into trouble. It’s not at all recommendable in the first place as there is no shortcut to the success.

Why ?

You are just stopping yourself from growing in the future. You may look good on the paper but upfront when you discover great opportunities or face situations where you have to showcase your talent and when your caliber is noticed, you may faint and loose it badly as you lack the courage. It’s because you have never been in that zone and not exposed to those kinds of situations.

What you really bring on to the table will move the needle.

People will like you for what you are! This comes from being honest and having Authenticity.

Alright! What to do now?

What matters at the end of the day is Skill! So, learn the skill and gain some expertise. Skill gives you hands-on practice, experience, real-time problem-solving & thinking abilities, and more than anything you will have a tremendous confidence. Confidence is the Key!

You might ask “Is just learning a new skill enough? How should I convince the interviewer about long gap in my career?” 

Here you go…

  1. Start as A Fresher:

The way you present yourself matters! Being honest with the interviewer and explaining about your past, present situations and let him/her know that the gaps were for some peculiar reasons. Explain what made you to apply for the job at this point.

Prove them that now you are equipped with everything that is needed for the job. Show your certifications & courses.

Most importantly, let the interviewer know that you are willing to start your career as a fresher & flexible for changes. Once you are confident and able to prove them that you are a good fit for the requirement there should be no issues.

On a side note, apply for jobs in startup companies because startups are great places as they really don’t bother about how much experience you carry. What really matters for them is the skill, willingness to learn, how quick you will adopt to the new changes and able to hit the ground running. They have always opened the doors for new talent who are full of commitment.

Once you bag some experience from small companies and startups you can start exploring for further growth. You will benefit from small scale companies and startups because there is a scope and potential to learn while you are working.

The companies hire people not just to fill their open positions. The main theme for filling any position is to find someone who can solve their problems and fits into the environment. Be that one guy!

Everything depends on how you communicate. Develop your communication skills. Attend the interviews regularly. There is always room for improvement.

2. What if we don’t want to be hired as freshers ?

Any suggestion that will help us not only to bridge the employment gap but also show them that we are skilled and experienced?

Yes, but as mentioned earlier there is no shortcut to success, still you will have to put your sincere efforts & skills to gain hands on experience…

Example: If you choose to be a software developer, once you have learned the skill, try to implement it. Develop your own project.

Work on private projects, may be do some freelancing work. There are lot of platforms available where you get short term gigs.

Find some local projects and clients. Try to solve their problems.

You can develop a website for your friends’ business, neighbors or closest resources who may be looking for some help in this regard.

You can add it in resume, share links and tell the interviewer that you have worked on those websites, projects etc.

As long as you are genuine and providing the proofs, you will be considered as experienced. The way you negotiate your skills comes into the picture and its all about communication.

If you are in other field, you can figure it out by same approach.

If you have worked on your own enterprise or have business experience in the past, it’s a great opportunity to tell them that you have indulged in multiple responsibilities like brand building, market research, administration, accounts management, marketing etc. Show them the case studies.

Where there is a will there is a way. Put you heart and soul in to work. Respect the work and work will take care of you.

Instead of spending time just to address the gaps in your resume, think and work on How to deal with employment gap in interviews. Indeed its no brainier. Just be true to yourself.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Suggestions are most welcomed, and we will take your valuable suggestions, advises and get them mixed in the post. Thanks in advance.  

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