Time and Success Relationship by Ujwala!

Time and Success!

Time and success have a definite relationship. Now, that definite be direct or inverse.

Is Time being the real factor to be combined with success?

Time and Success both are the masked factors and hard work is the face behind that mask. We all say good times are ahead of us. What is good time or bad time? I have always heard that Time is constant. It never moves then when to call a time good or bad?

We believe when we say this aloud about the good times being ahead; it gives us hope and is an optimistic approach. If something happens in our way and gives us the good results; time is right and if the situation doesn’t benefit us; it is wrong. How right are we to blame time?

Maybe it isn’t the time which is not in our favour but our denial for going that extra mile. Our denial towards the step of success can turn the time to wrong and our inclination can turn it right. Instead of believing on something which is constant one should focus on what is non-constant and that is our efforts. One’s efforts can be halting. If we focus on our determinations by strengthening our willingness to endure our efforts; every single second will be right, virtuous and fruitful.

What is Success?

According to Oxford dictionary, “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” The similar definition is given in most of the dictionaries.

When we say accomplishment of something; it doesn’t mean we should stop after that particular achievement. One should constantly aim in life and always have a purpose bigger than the previous one.

Success is not a dead end. It is a journey with few halts towards the destination of success. Aims/Goals are the stops in the journey. If you have achieved your aim and think that you can relax now; then you are in a big wrong conception. Achieving your one aim is just the first milestone towards the accomplishment of success. Like this, every success nears to attain wisdom.

Let’s understand this with an example:

A person aims to be the General Manager of the company. He had to burn the midnight oil to achieve the position. One fine day, he strikes it and is appointed as general manager. If he stops now working hard and believes that he is successful; he will fall out in a very short time. To keep up that position he will have to work harder and aims higher. Likewise, his endeavour will continue, and time will be with him.

Success and wisdom are the two corners of a rope. It takes vital struggle to reach from one end to another. Wisdom is the ultimate destination in the journey of success. It is not achieved in overnight. One has to pull up his socks to fly above the clouds.

Time and success have a direct relationship elevated by hard work.

Hard work combined with time helps us to sail the boat of success. Constantly sailing the boat of success takes us to the shore of wisdom where success merges with the wisdom.

Hope you liked this piece of content by Ujwala (Content writer and a storyteller.)!

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