Tapaswini from India won Honorable Mention award at NASA Contest

Tapaswini Sharma from India puts India on the global map today. She won the honorable mention at NASA space settlement Design contest 2017

Tapaswini is just 16 years old and pursuing her 10th standard when she achieved this feet, she is from Pune, India.

This whiz kid developed a honeycomb shaped spaceship called “Kirithra Orbiss” which will help humanity to live in deep space.

Tapaswini is a 10th class student from Suryadatta National School, Pune , India.

NASA received more than 6000 applications for this contest across the globe.

Tapaswini’s parents Manoj and Pallavi expressed their sheer happiness for their daughter’s achievement. Indeed, they both were proud when tapaswini said that she wants to be an astronaut & represent the country at International level.

Tapaswini said about her project ‘Kirithra Orbiss‘ a circular honeycomb shaped space settlement which will provide greater volume in a lesser surface area.

This design is recognized by Nasa among 6000 applications and therefore, tapaswini has won Honorable mention for this contest.

You know what? as a result

Tapaswini is invited to attend the 36th Annual International Space Development Conference (ISDC) in St Louis, MO, USA.

Many more interesting gestures took place when Tapaswini is in Republic Tv studio along with her parents.

Tapaswini about her future endeavors: ‘ I want to be an astronaut, discover many things and take our country forward in space science’.

Tapaswini is a great admirer of Rakesh Sharma, the first Indian who traveled into space. She expressed her desire about speaking with her role model if given a chance.

Arnab Goswami, Editor in chief republic tv, immediately connected the call to rakesh sharma on live.

Rakesh sharma congratulated Tapaswini for whatever she has achieved at the age of 16 and advised her to continue the research in space science and make country proud.

Here is the video reference

Many people don’t know about Tapaswini who achieved this rare feet and she is a great inspiration for this generation kids.

More Power to you Tapaswini.

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