Sales and Marketing on social media

Sales and Marketing on social media.

Be it social media or any other medium, first we need to look at the crux of the subject.

Selling on social media is not a rocket science. It is just another platform which is evolved over the time with the progress of technology and innovation.

To sell or promote something, one should know how marketing and sales process works in general.

Back then, we followed traditional marketing for sales. Now we depend on digital marketing as well.

Traditional marketing –

Billboards, banners, pamphlets, paper ads, tv ads, radio ads, door to door marketing were a part of traditional marketing.

The idea is to promote the product to the masses. You may target large number of people, but you never know who your actual audience are.

Whereas in digital marketing, you have an advantage of targeting cult audiences who are most likely to become your customers with the help of detailed targeting and demographic options.

This helps you in curtailing unnecessary costs spent on ads. You will also save time and energy.

Digital Marketing –

In today’s world, everybody has a social presence. We spend most of our time on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

Selling or promoting any product/service through any digital platform is called digital marketing.

All you have to do is to identify your prospects through groups, communities, pages, common interests in order to connect with them and create a sales pitch. This is one way of finding customers in organic way without even spending a single penny.

Another way of finding prospects is through Ads

Example: Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, Instagram ads etc.

For instance, Facebook ads manager is one of the most powerful and sophisticated advertising tools widely used by many companies to sell and promote their products.

With the help of FB ads

  • You can define your target audience.
  • Full control on budget.
  • Flexibility of choosing locations where ads should be displayed.
  • Targeting cult audiences who belongs to groups, communities, common interests etc.

These exclusive and advanced features bring quality leads which are most likely to convert.

Google ads is another great option where you can place ads on search engines and get tremendous results. It is vast and costly too. However, it’s a topic for another day.

Hope you understood the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing. Now let us address the elephant in the room.

A good salesperson is equipped with the following qualities.

  • Product knowledge – a good salesperson will have a complete knowledge about the product which he is selling or promoting.
  • Educating the customers – to sell something, you have to persuade people and show them how your product will solve their problem.
  • Communication skills – most of us get this wrong. Communication is not just about the language. It is all about maintaining end to end coordination and empathizing with the customer throughout the process. 

Your job becomes easy if you know the anatomy behind marketing and sales process. Good luck!!

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