Meet Geetanjali | More than a teacher

We probably see only few people get in to the professions which they love & desire.

They definitely shine in their respective fields because they do what they love and enjoy what they do…

In this category, very fewer people would like to go an extra mile to make some difference. They really bring some change and stand out from the crowd.

They are called leaders because they take initiatives & actions!

If you wish to see the change in the world it has to begin with you
If you are really passionate about something, you have to put your heart and soul into it.

Geetanjali Padhy is one among them & We would like to introduce her to you today…

Geetanjali is a teacher by profession. She works at Shiv Nadar School in Gurgaon, Haryana as a senior biology teacher.

She would like to call herself as an educator rather than a teacher as she believes that word holds a broader concept. An educator has to literally burn oneself out so that you can enlighten another’s path.

What made Geetanjali to choose this profession ? in her words…

“I was in class 11. The class was about periodic classification and I just couldn’t make head and tail of it. I tried a lot to study it – I even went back to teachers asking for further explanation etc. It so happened that everyone got excellent marks in that chapter except me. My marks were so low that I got literally scolded in front of the entire class.
In class 11, you are an adolescent and you take it very personal and feel very insulted when you get scolded in front of your friends. Adding to that, my teacher started treating me like a vegetable in class from then on. She would do things like ignore me and ask me questions when she was sure I couldn’t answer, etc.
At that point, I resolved to understand all the concepts myself and that I would take the trouble of learning very well and doing well for myself. I took responsibility for myself and saw myself as a teacher who wouldn’t let such a thing happen in her class.
That was when I conceived my career path. My vision, when I was in standard 8, was that I would first become a research scientist and then get into teaching in my mid 30s or so. But, after the incident that I just related, which happened when I was in class 11, I was very sure that I would adopt teaching as my career as soon as my research work would close.
I resolved to make every child in my class feel special and worthy of themselves.”

Geetanjali not only just stick to her school but also explored other ways so she can reach larger section of students…for ex: Geetanjali is an online educator at Unacademy.

Unacademy is an India’s largest learning platform (online)

Students from anywhere can watch her online classes


I found it interesting to reach out to students outside my school but genuinely interested in the world of biology.
I believe that the school is a very confined place. I don’t feel studying should start and end in schools.
The process of education should cross confined borders and for me the schools are these confined borders as of now. When I connect with students online and get to hear the kind of doubts they have, it gives me the thrill. Their doubts show how interested they are in the subject. They also suggest what kind of lessons I should upload. That motivates me further.

On top of all those things, Geetanjali takes time out for street kids once in a week… who are local to the area.

Something to the society!!

Its good to see Geetanjali is having such a good demeanour on this and her approach towards this profession is commendable.

More Power to you Geetanjali…going forward, you will inspire many and Desi Platform wishes you all the very best for your future endeavors.

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