Marketing and its Fundamentals.


Marketing is not something that is created by an individual or entity. It is a natural trait which humans already possess. It is imbibed, nurtured, and progressed over the time.  

Marketing precisely means communication. People or companies may choose different means of communication, but the crux of the marketing is to propagate an idea or convey a message to the audience.

Marketing becomes easy if you define your target audience and their problems in the first place. When you know where the problem is, you will know how to address it and create a solution.

Every problem has a solution. Therefore, various products and services are created.


TRADITIONAL MARKETING – Billboards, pamphlets, banners, newspaper and magazine ads, television and radio advertisements, door to door marketing were a part of traditional marketing.

The idea is to promote the product to the masses. You may target large number of people in traditional marketing, but it is not easy to define specific audiences.

DIGITAL MARKETING – Selling or promoting any product/service through digital platforms is called digital marketing.

Example: Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, Instagram ads etc.

In digital marketing, you have an advantage of targeting your specific audiences who are most likely to become your customers because there are options for detailed targeting.

It is just that the medium has changed over the time, but the aim of marketing is universal.

Marketing is not about the great products; it is all about perceptions. You must create trust among your audience and create value through your products and services. Once the mass trust is formed, the value which you create will be multiplied and it gives tremendous results for you down the lane.

Don’t build a product. Build a brand.


BRAND – Creating something which is unique and great. Be a pioneer in the category.

Don’t be the no 1. Being the only one is a golden rule.

Example: When you talk about operating systems, it is most likely that we end up thinking of just two names which are Microsoft and Mac. They are the leaders in the computer operating systems category.

If you cannot be a leader in a category, try to be a leader in a subcategory.

Example: It is easy for anyone to remember the 1st prime minister of India. It is Jawaharlal Nehru.

You might remember the 2nd prime minister of India who is Lal Bahadur Shastri.

But do you remember the 3rd prime minister of India? I don’t think so. 

Who is the 1st woman prime minister of India? I’m sure most of you knew the answer. The answer is Indira Gandhi.

The fact is that Indira Gandhi was the 3rd prime minister of India and the first ever woman prime minister of India as well. But we recognize her more as a first woman prime minister rather than remembering her as third prime minister of India. Do you agree?  

It’s because people remember only the no 1 and maximum is no 2. Therefore, if you cannot be a leader in a category, try to be a leader and fit in a subcategory.

First prime minister of India is category

The first woman prime minister of India is a subcategory.

PERSONAL BRAND – Personal branding will make you stand out from the crowd. It is like you becoming the face for your own brand. There are some people in this world who are live examples for a personal brand. People value them more than their products and services.

Example: Elon musk, Ratan Tata, Chetan Bhagat, Jay Shetty, Robin Sharma.

People value Elon Musk more than his brands Tesla, Space x, Neuralink etc.

Because people want to hear from people, not from the brands.

If you are an expert at something, build a community around your tribe and become a thought leader.

Having a personal brand can be helpful in giving rise to many more brands because of the mass trust which is already established.


Once the personal brand is established, you will have the room for launching your own product or service business. The following steps are important for anyone to convert their personal brand into a start-up and growing it.

This is also known as Mass Trust Blueprint Framework.

Learn – acquire new skills through case studies, concepts, and facts. Act and implement what is learned.

Work – once you get some hands-on practice, work in a company or do freelancing which will help you to understand real time scenarios.

Blog – write about all your learnings, work experience and share all the knowledge with the world. By writing, you are projecting yourself as an expert, so it helps in building your personal brand.

Consult – now your skills, work experience and personal brand already established you as an expert in the market. Go ahead and provide your services to other businesses or companies by consulting instead of working as an employee for them.

Mentor – teaching is the best way to learn and improve. Mentor those who are wanting to become like you.

Start-up – with all your understanding of a potential market and opportunities, launch your own product or service business.


According to Deepak Kanakaraju, wealth = nCATT

Deepak Kanakaraju is a renowned digital marketing expert in India.

N – Niche

C – Content

A- Attention

T – Trust

T – Transaction.

The following pictorial representation is called CAAT Framework which is defined by Deepak.

NICHE is a category or a subcategory of any domain. Fitness, Beauty, Insurance, Home Furniture, Food are the examples of niches.

Once you are clear with the niche, find an audience who belongs to that niche. Build a community for them.

CONTENT Create useful content which addresses their problems in the form of blog posts, videos, webinars etc.

ATTENTION Drive attention (traffic) to your content by using SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, paid ads, referrals and through social media.

TRUST Once people start believing in your content and services, the mass trust will be established.

TRANSACTION Convert your community people into prospects and sell your products to them.


Optimizing the process of marketing with the help of all the resources and tools available to bring the best output is called integrated digital marketing.

CATT framework will work wonders with the help of integrated digital marketing.

Hope you learned about the Marketing fundamentals, Traditional marketing, and Digital marketing in depth.

I’m sure, now you have a broader perspective than before.

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Cheers and all the very best!

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