Is Sales Just A Numbers Game? | How should we perceive sales?

Is sales just a numbers game? Is there an approach to understand and look it in a bigger picture?

We often see that a larger section of people and professionals claim that sales is just a numbers game and all about transactions. Maybe it is partially correct, but it is imperative that one should always look sales from wider perspective.


Sale is a long-term game. It is something beyond your theory.

Just because you launched a brand-new product or service into the market, that does not mean customers will throng into the stores to buy your products and avail your services.

It would be a wrong assumption and illogical without understanding its magnitude.  It takes some time to get there.  

The basic things to keep in mind:

  1. First, it depends on the Niche that your product or service belongs to.
  2. Knowing your Audience
  3. The Value which you create through the product.
  4. Most importantly it depends on how you Position yourself and your brand in the market.

These are the core elements which go hand in hand and lead to sales eventually.  

Niche is a category or subcategory that your product or service belongs to.

Automobiles, Hardware, Software, Beauty, Fitness, Healthcare are some of the examples for Niche service/products.

Don’t try to be a jack of all trades instead stick to the one niche.

Niches are the Riches!


Your niche product or service will define who your target audience are.

You cannot sell a BMW car to a mediocre person. It is a stupid thing to do because people below the poverty lines, they hardly get to make their ends meet. You cannot expect them to buy luxury products. Therefore, it is important to know who your target audience are.

Sales becomes easy when you have a clear idea about what you are selling and to who you are selling. Agree?

Value & Brand Image (Positioning)

Once you define the target audience, start creating value for them through your products and services.

Creating value is making customers happy through your products/services by solving their problems. Maintain the quality and consistency so they will trust you forever.  

Consumer behavior is always a reflection of your service. They reciprocate with you and the value which you created returns with multiplied down the lane.

This is how you position yourself in the market as a good brand over the time.

Microsoft and Apple are great examples.

They stand out from the crowd because they have built great products and created value to the customers, maintained it for years.

Marketing, advertising, strategy everything works if all these 4 elements are aligned properly.

After all sales is a long-term game.

Therefore, make sure you have a good understanding of Niche, Audience, Value, and brand image.

P.S. In this competitive world, we easily get obsessed over few things and then we start comparing everything with our contemporaries in the market. You want quick results, and success immediately. When it does not happen, you will lose confidence and become sensitive.

As a result, you will get attracted to wrong people. Every Tom, and Dick will teach you how to do the business.

There is nothing like a successful blueprint. You will have to create your own sunshine. You must experience it on your own and learn the things.

And now tell me what is sales according to you? If you find this piece of content useful, let us know your thoughts in the comment section!  

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