Interview Experience in Hyderabad

Job Interview Experience in Hyderabad

Did you ever attend a job interview in Hyderabad? Or elsewhere?

What it is like to attend a job interview in hyderabad no matter if you are local or a non-local guy. What are those common things that connects all of us?

Let’s take a quick tour! The memories and experiences are never going to shade away from our lives and will remain fruitful because, those things kept all of us on our toes & are the reason for what we are today.

Undoubtedly, thousands of people attend job interviews in hyderabad every day because hyderabad is the second largest & most happening city in the country which emerged as a hub for employment opportunities in both govt & private sectors.

There is always a need for skill and talent everywhere therefore requirement is plenty across different platforms.

Two Categories

  1. Fresher’s who graduate from colleges & try for new opportunities.
  2. People who already bagged some experience are probably looking for a job change. 

If we are talking about interviews in Hyderabad we cannot ignore software and bpo jobs especially in MNC’s.


Preparation starts a day before the interview itself. If you are a newbie, probably you will make sure to plan certain things in advance like location, travel time, dress code, resume preparation and carrying required documents etc.

You wanted to sleep early on that day so you can wake up early in the morning and turn up for the interview. Unfortunately, you will sleep late night and wake up early.

Now the day has come and it’s a big day

Congratulations! You have finally reached the location and entered into the building after completing all prerequisites and formalities that security guard has to offer you at the gate.

If you are in time, an empty chair is waiting for you or else 150-200 people will stare at you as if you are a scape goat that has just arrived.

You already had butterflies in stomach but pretend to be cool, confident & composed.

Everybody is waiting for HR to come and call out the names for 1st round interview.

Amidst all the gossips, discussions, whisperings going around, hr comes out of the blue and call your name & by then half of the crowd is already disappeared 😉

This will let you walk more confidently into the interview room and that moment you feel like defeating half of the crowd without even doing war.

1st round can be anything HR round, online english test, aptitude, psychometric, jam, group discussion etc. It differs from company to company.

Whatever, you will complete the 1st round and come out of the interview room and realize its already mid noon.

Hiring managers, Interviewers went for lunch. You don’t know where to go.

Some companies have canteens so candidates can grab some lunch or snacks during the break. If not, you have to sit idle for longtime until they get back to you with some feedback.

Everybody can’t afford to eat in canteen.

Forget about canteen, some places don’t even have washrooms for the candidates who attend interviews.

However, you have managed yourself to wait for few hours. HR announced the results.

Things are clear that if you are rejected, you will have to leave for the day, if not, stay back for the next round. Half of your energy is already dropped.

Nevertheless, you feel like it’s worth the wait because you are shortlisted for next round in the process.

Again, you have been told to wait for a while until they call you for 2nd round.

Now you look at the watch and it’s already 4.00pm.

Later, they called you for 2nd round and it took some time to finish and come back.

The sad part of the interview process is you have to wait till the end though you have done with your part just because they reveal the results of all candidates in a one go.

You can’t think much about it. You will not get irritated anymore.

Now you don’t even bother about time because you are used to these circumstances from morning.

For no reason, you suddenly look outside of the window. Its already dark!

Your inner voice says “What the damn happened between sunshine and sunset today & where am I “?

After all, you will have to settle down again and keep your calm.

This time, HR asks you to take a pre assessment test or whatsoever because you have cleared the 2nd round & that’s the good news! Well done!

This went smooth and bit faster than expected.

Finally, you were informed to leave for the day and come back on next day for two more rounds possibly.

This gave you a tremendous satisfaction for various reasons:

Your dedication and efforts turned out as positive results. Of course, you have come a long way.

Now, you stand apart from the crowd. At least from the people who couldn’t make it to next rounds.

You are still in the play but it is still there…

On the way back to home

On the way back to home, lot of things are going through your mind. Now you are more serious about the interview than ever before and wanna give a serious thought about next steps because you are just few steps away from getting an offer.

You can prove the world and shut the damn mouths of people who belittled and underestimated you and for all that, there is one bloody chance.

You have prepared your mind to go through whatever it takes to perform well and clear the next rounds at any cost.

Next Day

You are more energetic, more confident and of course fear of failure is there around some corner but the fire in your belly is dominating all the negative vibes and pushing you forward.

You started off with a positive energy. Parents wished you good luck and these all things have set some expectation for the day.

Mostly, final round interviews were scheduled in the afternoon time.

This time you reached the office by 12.00pm and entered your details at the reception. The HR representative just passes by you. As soon as you noticed it, you ran to her to show your face so, she will know that you are present for the interview and all set for further rounds.

Meanwhile, you see a group of people wearing id cards are roaming here and there.

Quickly you realize that they are the company’s employees.

Getting a job in the company, wearing id cards, walking around the floor, having conversations with peers, quick-quick bytes in the canteen, travelling to and fro in the company cab, doing all this stuff has registered strongly in your mind because this is all the love you have for the corporate job.

You know very well that you are up to the par and this can become a reality if everything goes well today.

The time has come. HR called out few names and gave heads up that they are going to send the candidates for the next round one by one.

Now you are aware that you are not alone. There are 10 more people with you in the race which is quite comfortable and relaxing for that moment but, the sad part is you have to compete with them.

The current scenario made you all come together under one roof though you are complete strangers to each other. This is a quite common thing that happens at interviews.  

You all formed into a group and started preparing for interview.

Someone has whispered that there are more than 10 openings for this job role.

Somebody else gossiping “This round is crucial and if we cross this bridge, the next round is a cake walk. It’s going to be very formal and all about making an offer.

You are listening to every shit around there but your mind is going through a revision because your inner voice said..

“You are almost there. Stay focused, be confident & just knock it out of the park.

It’s been already more than one hour.

Now it’s your turn, there is an adrenaline rush started in your body.

One To One Interview

Interviewer asked you to sit and go ahead with self introduction.

He made you very comfortable by asking general probing questions which made you to open up and talk more.

You felt its going smooth and interviewer is really a nice guy to deal with.

Abruptly, he took a quantum jump into the technical round and started shooting questions which came as a surprise to you. He went on and on and over, kept asking questions with more pace.

Looks like interviewer is on fire. You felt when he is going to stop.

Most of the questions were expected and you knew answers for them but couldn’t perform to the level that is required.

You have no idea about what you went through in last 10-15 minutes. It’s been a roller coaster ride and the experience was terrible which left you clue less about the outcome.

Interviewer smiled at you and shook your hand. That puts an end.

You are unsure about the result but, one thing is for sure that if something unexpected comes up as a feedback, it’s going to hurt you badly.

Result Time

Everybody in the group finished the interview and waiting for results.

One thing in common among all, that is fear of failure which really bothers you besides the excitement.

Somehow, it is felt like that you are on the fence. Anything can happen and be ready to face it.

Without further delay, Now HR called out few names from the list…

2 mins silence

This time, you didn’t hear your name. World turned upside down for you.

It’s hard for you to believe the situation and it is staggering to see all sincere efforts are going in vain. Indeed, you got a mild heart attack for a while.

Yet, you took the courage to digest the hard reality and move on..

It definitely takes sometime to recover and get the motivation to attend interviews all over again at other companies.

Yes, this happens quite few times. At least it happened with me.

Give me a hell yeah if you have faced this situation.

Let’s see other side of the coin. What if your name is there in the list ?

Probably, HR will congratulate you and make you sit for another hour or two for final round of interview. It is most likely that they say” HR is not available at this point, you can come tomorrow or the other day, we will notify you.

You will go for final round on other day and its 99.9% that you will secure the job because it’s going to be a casual meet with HR and it’s all about making a deal.

That’s it for Interview experience in Hyderabad from my side.

If still they filter the candidates and unable to make a decision or quash the process for peculiar reasons, they are the worst people on the earth.

Take my word – I faced this in some companies.

My take on this whole experience is that the hiring process in india should change. We should understand that people can’t afford to take rejection after going through lengthy interview process and screenings.

It takes a lot to attend interviews like money, travel time, mental preparation, and coping up with society, family, neighbors because job is not only a need but also has become a social status unfortunately.

Do we really need long weeks & months to conduct interviews and make decisions?

Please don’t waste other people’s time and play with their emotions. What goes around comes around.

If you are an HR, you are blessed but remember someone gave you a chance.

Of course, talent matters. I’m not saying to hire every tom, dick and harry. Choose the right fit but optimize the process. Make it efficient and quicker!

Please leave your comments, opinions and feel free to share your experiences as well.

                                          Naresh(Employee at present and previous Job aspirant)

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