How to deal with communication round in interview?

How to deal with communication round in interview?

Communication round in a job interview could be a nightmare for many job aspirants especially for freshers. Communication is not just about the language as it must do more with expressing our thoughts, ideas effectively, but over the time English language became the core of the process as it is the most widely spoken language in the world.

No matter how strong you technically are, if you do not have good communication skills, you are not in the game. Communication plays a vital role so is the reason many companies conduct all sorts of communication round interviews in the first place to analyze candidate’s communication skills and then only process them for further rounds.

Companies just don’t hire people for technical assistance. They would love to hire candidates with professionalism, passion, culture, communication skills along with subject knowledge be it technical or non-technical. It is important for them to get a candidate who can fit into their culture and environment. It is a holistic approach that goes in hiring process. 

You should be a team player and mingle with your peers and communicate with people around you effectively.

What is communication round in interview process?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to communication round interview. Each company has its own approach or style to assess communication skills of the candidates.

  1. Group Discussion. Most of the companies use group discussion as a communication round in the interview process where the interviewer hosts a group of candidates and ask them to discuss on a given topic. Candidates must express their opinions voluntarily and can agree or disagree with others.

You are judged by your timing, willingness to speak, initiative and communication skills.

2.Introduction/HR Round. You will sit one on onewith interviewer/HR and speak about yourself and a little about your background like academic skills, technical skills, hobbies, work history etc. This is a very common practice to break the ice and easy way to test communication skills.

3.JAM – Just a minute.  This is whereyou are asked to speak on a topic which you are comfortable with for 1 minute. Once it is done, you will have to speak about a topic of interviewer choice for another 1 minute.

This will let interviewer understand your command on the language and your spontaneity.

These are quite a few but most common practices for assessing communication skills.

Why is communication important in interviews?

Communication is important in interviews because you are upselling yourself to the interviewer and to the company that is hiring. Your CV/resume talks about your academic and work history.

But it is your job to position yourself in front of the interviewer.

Imagine that you have a great product to sell but could not persuade people to but it.  At the same time, your competitor has an average product, but he is successful in convincing people and pitching his ideas. Who is the beneficiary here?

Obviously, it is your competitor who has a little advantage over you which is because of his communication skills.

Likewise, it is not about what you know and how much you now. It is all about how you communicate through your language, posters, and confidence.

People want to hear from people.

How do you prepare for a communication round?

Well begun is half done.

This is not a rocket science. All you need is to have a good mind set. Tell your brain to be consistent and have some enthusiasm. First thing is not worrying about what others think about your communication skills. Do not take rejection personally.

Most of the people don’t even start just because of the fear of judgement.

We are human beings, and we all make mistakes, and it is a human tendency. Mistakes are helpful because we will learn something from mistakes. We get better in the next attempt because of experience.

Make a habit of reading books, news papers regularly. You need to feed your brain with content. Just like how important food is for our existence, likewise, feeding our brain with content is equally important.

Start writing. When your brain is full of good content, it becomes easy for you to transform your thoughts and ideas into content.

Good thing about writing is it improves the memory. We may forget whatever we read but we do not forget what we write.  

That’s the whole point of reading and writing. It improves your communication. Whatever you want to speak, prepare notes prior to the interview. So, you will not mess it up in the interview as you already have a clarity on what to speak.

Being familiar with current affairs is very important. Keep an eye on what’s going around. Make sure that you can speak fluently on at least 10 different topics.

There are so many videos out there on internet about interview preparation, interview question and answers. Attend as many interviews as you can regularly so it becomes a regular practice for you, and you will feel comfortable over the time.

Do not look for perfection. Perfection comes with practice.

How can I improve communication skills?

The only way to improve communication skills is by regular practice. Hangout with people who communicate with you in English.

Watch English movies with subtitles to understand. Pick some words from there and use them when you speak with your friends.

If you have a role model, watch their videos, podcasts, interviews etc. Follow them because we are most likely to follow our role models, heroes and what they do.

Stand Infront of a mirror and speak like you are in an interview or addressing a group of people.

You can always record your own audio or video and identify mistakes to improve.

Some people learn by observing and some learn by imitating. Do whatever it takes.

There are many such ways to improve communication skills. What most important is practice. Start taking action from now.

This is how you improve communication skills and deal with it in interviews. Hope you find it useful. Please let us know your thoughts.  

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