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Firstly, I m assuming that you are very much familiar with Domain name & Web hosting.

As you landed on this page after reading the headline of this post, chances are high that you are very much aware of these terminologies domain name, hosting service, website.

If you are completely new and came here to know what it is, i have written a very small post about Domain and hosting. This will not take you more than 3 minutes. Please go through the link, review it and come back.

I will be waiting for you here with next steps!!

In order to understand next what is waiting for you in the store, you must go through the link i gave you.

Lets get to the point

A Great domain name is available in the market which i m going to reveal. You can build a great brand or website or service with this domain name.

I m not beating around the bush but trying to share a better insight about it and what it actually does!

People in Digital marketing space, Staffing, Recruiting, Consulting etc are just to name a few & they understand it’s value much better than anyone else.

It doesnt mean you newbies have to skip it. I m sure by now, you have understood everyhting about this topic by reading the post i shared you initially. Right ?

Candidateplace – is available.

Yes! is available for sale on a premium price.

Ofcourse, its available on a premium price!!

You will know more about this domain name and what kind of impact it has on internet in the next steps.

Have you heard of CareerBuilder, Monster, Naukri(India based) ??

If not, search in google.. They are job portals where candidates apply for jobs, upload their resumes, and recruiters search for the candidates.

Monster and CareerBuilder portals are used globally by recruiters, clients, candidates. correct ?

Now how about ?

Fresh and Brand New!! This domain name or website has not been on internet ever before!

Candidate and place both are widely used nouns which brings tons of traffic to your website & Fame to your brand.

-Easy to remember

-Easy to rank in google search engine

-Great keywords(widely used) in domain itself

-Brings credibility to the niche

-Serves the purpose extension is popular and (used globally)

Imagine! The name it self has everything to say

As i Said initially, this brand name can be a great asset for those who are in Staffing, Recruiting & Consulting fields.

Definitely, I couldn’t ask for anything better than this if i have to

  • Build a job portal
  • Start a staffing company
  • Provide consulting services
  • Create a market place for candidates

If you build a brand or website on this domain name it goes viral on web 1000%

Now tell me how much you want to spend or invest on this spectacular brand?

Obviously, you wont tell me how much you make out of it once you own it…


If you are smart, then you know what to do next!

Visit Godaddy website & search for this domain name.

Godaddy team will assist you in transfering this domain to you

Or please share your details by filling this form. We will communicate with you.

You can also go to our contact page and write a mail to us.

We will reach out to you..

If this is not familiar to your niche please spread the word in your circle so people in recruiting, staffing, consulting can be the beneficiary.

Thank you! Have a productive day!!

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