Email Marketing is Evergreen

Email Marketing and its significance

Today we have tons of tools and various platforms available in the market to drive traffic, generate leads and sales for both B2B and B2C models.

To name a few,

  1. Google ad-words is for paid ads.
  2. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest are for – Social Media Marketing and lead generations.
  3. Other SEO tools like google search console/web master tools are available to bring organic traffic.

The common agenda is brand awareness, advertising and marketing and sales

Having said that, You cannot deny Email marketing which is the most powerful means of communication that never goes out of fashion.

Statistics shows that Email marketing has much more traction than any other medium, it has much open rates, CTR (click through rate) and ROI(Return on Investment).

Money is in the list – that actually means money is in the email list

Your Network is your Net worth

These two lines have inspired me and I started taking email marketing seriously from last one year and I could see a huge difference for my segment(sales).

That doesn’t mean you send unsolicited emails and spam your list. Email marketing is to optimize your resources and make the process efficient.

Start building an email list, send personalized and tailored emails to your prospective s.. Polish your content regularly so it is fresh because content is king.

If you notice, we daily receive lot of emails in which we delete most of them without even opening or reading the subject line whereas there are few emails from other senders, though we don’t have time to read, we mark them as important so we can read them next day at-least. We do not want to miss them.

This is called credibility that the sender has built with you over the time. Once you build brand awareness and credibility, you will have your own audience.

This is not something that happens overnight, it takes some time to build trust.

Know your product, know your audience, choose the right market.

We used to write letters to people in the past because letters are powerful in communication and we have used it for so long. Ever since the internet is born, we embraced emails for communication. Emails and letters have one thing in common i.e personal space.

There is no guarantee that these automation tools, software’s and social media platforms remain same forever or can give you the same result for life time. One glitch can cause damage to all your efforts.

Email list is your personal and no one can take them away from you because you have developed your contacts from time to time. Your prospects recognize you, trust you.

  • Write an email to your prospects in a way as if you are talking to them personally.
  • Don’t beat around the bush. Don’t over do it. Sometimes, too much cook spoils the food.
  • If you are in B2C industry, develop the art of story telling because people love stories and relate them to their personal lives.
  • If you are in B2B platform, let your audience know that you are unique and show them what makes you stand a part.
  • Show the evidence of your services, products and what you have achieved. Proofs acts as collateral’s for your brand.

Its the beginning of 2020 and we thought of sharing some insights and knowledge with you which worked for us. Hope the new year 2020 will be more productive for all of us.

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