Difference Between Domain and Hosting!

Confused with Domain and Hosting ?

No worries because its simple.

I know that you have already done some research about this topic but you want to make sure and understand it even better.

What is domain and web hosting?

Firstly Domain and hosting are two different things and they complement each other. We often see people ask whats the difference between Domain and Hosting OR Domain vs Hosting.

This is for you..

I took some basic examples in this post to make you comfortable and understand without any confusions or difficulties.

Lets move on to the topic

To know the difference between domain and hosting, first lets us see what is domain and what is hosting separately.

Domain Name is the name of a website or blog you choose.

Hosting is a platform where you want to build your website or blog.

It’s like having a sim card and Mobile device. If you have purchased a sim card. What would you do next?

Obviously, you will insert the sim card into a mobile device and start using it. Right ?

Likewise, Sim card(Phone number) is like having a domain name.

[Every domain name has a unique numeric IP address]

Mobile Phone, where you insert the sim & start using it. Actually, start networking is like Hosting.

Lets say www.desiplatform.com is a website

Desiplatform is referred as a domain name
Here, Desiplatform is built on GoDaddy platform
So, Godaddy is the hosting service.

If you want to purchase or own a website, first things first.

Look for a domain name which is available in the market place and purchase it. Next is choosing the hosting service.

There are many hosting service companies available.

GoDaddy, Hostgator, BlueHost, Hostinger etc.

It’s completely up to you that if you want to get domain and hosting from same platform.


You can go with different options. Get a domain from one platform and Hosting from another platform.

I hope now you have no confusion!

In Terms of doing business

Domain/website buying and selling business is going on rage in the market. There is a huge demand!!

You must have either a great website that brings organic traffic or a crazy domain name that catches the users attention & brings credibility to the niche.

For example

Just imagine that ‘Desiplatform‘ is my brand

1)Now I can sell www.desiplatform.com whole as a website to someone if he/she is interested. People will come forward to buy a website only if the website has a regular traffic, indexed in search engine, ranking for some keywords & other various factors. This could be useful for someone if its serves their purpose.

2)I can also sell desiplatform.com as just a domain name(not website) but i should have not created a website for it in the first place. .

Suppose, I just purchased a domain name, lets say ‘xyz.com’

If anyone in the market is willing to buy it, i should offer them it as is. Its because you never know buyers point of view.

He/she might have something else in mind and they might go with a different approach for this domain name. In this case, just offer the domain name as is.

If i have purchased a land to build a property for my self, I have a taste so i will plan it and build the property according to my taste.

Otherwise, If i believe, there is a scope for development in the future, then I will wait for the right time & sell it to a customer for extra money so i can make profit out of it.

Later, Its up to the customer. So, I make sure i will give away the land as is without touching it or doing anything to it.

Similarly if anyone is marketing only a domain, they should offer it as is to the customer without touching it.

That’s it for the difference between domain and hosting.

Hope you understood.

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