Telangana’s TS-IPASS to attract investors across the globe

Telangana Industrial Policy(TS-IPASS) ranks top in the worlds best policies.

Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self Certification System is also known as(TS-IPASS)

Lets understand the policy & know why it is significant.

Telangana industrial policy is implemented by telangana govt to encourage start ups & investments.

If any individual or organization wants to start a business in telangana state, TS-IPASS  assists you with its self certification program.

All you have to do is submit an application through online & have to wait for just 15 days to get the approval.

15 days is very short time to get an approval. How its possible ?

Ofcourse 15 days is a very short period for Government to pass the aprroval. Here is where the significance of the policy lies in.

since it is a self certification programe, Your application will be a SINGLE WINDOW CLEARANCE.

Generally there are assumptions that govt says single window clearence, But there could be multiple windows behind a single window.

So here is the clarification :

If your application is not approved in 15 days, You do not have to worry !

Because,According to the policy,On the 16th day, Your application is deemed to be approved by default.

You are authorized to start or run business.Having said that, If your application is not approved in 15 days by Govt, Its an auto approval & Govt is liable for a penal action for not delivering the promise in time.

This is first of its kind. Therefore Telangana Industrial Policy Ranks top in worlds best policies.

Here is the Official website for the reference & details of the policy.

Hope this information was helpful to you.

Thank you & Happy Reading

Grow Overseas Education Business with Digital Marketing.

In this video, you will learn about setting up an overseas consulting business using digital marketing.

Particularly we will have an overview of three important parameters which are required in an overseas consultancy.

  1. Student Acquisition
  2. Client Acquisition
  3. Processing.

Please click here to watch the video.

Marketing and its Fundamentals.


Marketing is not something that is created by an individual or entity. It is a natural trait which humans already possess. It is imbibed, nurtured, and progressed over the time.  

Marketing precisely means communication. People or companies may choose different means of communication, but the crux of the marketing is to propagate an idea or convey a message to the audience.

Marketing becomes easy if you define your target audience and their problems in the first place. When you know where the problem is, you will know how to address it and create a solution.

Every problem has a solution. Therefore, various products and services are created.


TRADITIONAL MARKETING – Billboards, pamphlets, banners, newspaper and magazine ads, television and radio advertisements, door to door marketing were a part of traditional marketing.

The idea is to promote the product to the masses. You may target large number of people in traditional marketing, but it is not easy to define specific audiences.

DIGITAL MARKETING – Selling or promoting any product/service through digital platforms is called digital marketing.

Example: Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, Instagram ads etc.

In digital marketing, you have an advantage of targeting your specific audiences who are most likely to become your customers because there are options for detailed targeting.

It is just that the medium has changed over the time, but the aim of marketing is universal.

Marketing is not about the great products; it is all about perceptions. You must create trust among your audience and create value through your products and services. Once the mass trust is formed, the value which you create will be multiplied and it gives tremendous results for you down the lane.

Don’t build a product. Build a brand.


BRAND – Creating something which is unique and great. Be a pioneer in the category.

Don’t be the no 1. Being the only one is a golden rule.

Example: When you talk about operating systems, it is most likely that we end up thinking of just two names which are Microsoft and Mac. They are the leaders in the computer operating systems category.

If you cannot be a leader in a category, try to be a leader in a subcategory.

Example: It is easy for anyone to remember the 1st prime minister of India. It is Jawaharlal Nehru.

You might remember the 2nd prime minister of India who is Lal Bahadur Shastri.

But do you remember the 3rd prime minister of India? I don’t think so. 

Who is the 1st woman prime minister of India? I’m sure most of you knew the answer. The answer is Indira Gandhi.

The fact is that Indira Gandhi was the 3rd prime minister of India and the first ever woman prime minister of India as well. But we recognize her more as a first woman prime minister rather than remembering her as third prime minister of India. Do you agree?  

It’s because people remember only the no 1 and maximum is no 2. Therefore, if you cannot be a leader in a category, try to be a leader and fit in a subcategory.

First prime minister of India is category

The first woman prime minister of India is a subcategory.

PERSONAL BRAND – Personal branding will make you stand out from the crowd. It is like you becoming the face for your own brand. There are some people in this world who are live examples for a personal brand. People value them more than their products and services.

Example: Elon musk, Ratan Tata, Chetan Bhagat, Jay Shetty, Robin Sharma.

People value Elon Musk more than his brands Tesla, Space x, Neuralink etc.

Because people want to hear from people, not from the brands.

If you are an expert at something, build a community around your tribe and become a thought leader.

Having a personal brand can be helpful in giving rise to many more brands because of the mass trust which is already established.


Once the personal brand is established, you will have the room for launching your own product or service business. The following steps are important for anyone to convert their personal brand into a start-up and growing it.

This is also known as Mass Trust Blueprint Framework.

Learn – acquire new skills through case studies, concepts, and facts. Act and implement what is learned.

Work – once you get some hands-on practice, work in a company or do freelancing which will help you to understand real time scenarios.

Blog – write about all your learnings, work experience and share all the knowledge with the world. By writing, you are projecting yourself as an expert, so it helps in building your personal brand.

Consult – now your skills, work experience and personal brand already established you as an expert in the market. Go ahead and provide your services to other businesses or companies by consulting instead of working as an employee for them.

Mentor – teaching is the best way to learn and improve. Mentor those who are wanting to become like you.

Start-up – with all your understanding of a potential market and opportunities, launch your own product or service business.


According to Deepak Kanakaraju, wealth = nCATT

Deepak Kanakaraju is a renowned digital marketing expert in India.

N – Niche

C – Content

A- Attention

T – Trust

T – Transaction.

The following pictorial representation is called CAAT Framework which is defined by Deepak.

NICHE is a category or a subcategory of any domain. Fitness, Beauty, Insurance, Home Furniture, Food are the examples of niches.

Once you are clear with the niche, find an audience who belongs to that niche. Build a community for them.

CONTENT Create useful content which addresses their problems in the form of blog posts, videos, webinars etc.

ATTENTION Drive attention (traffic) to your content by using SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, paid ads, referrals and through social media.

TRUST Once people start believing in your content and services, the mass trust will be established.

TRANSACTION Convert your community people into prospects and sell your products to them.


Optimizing the process of marketing with the help of all the resources and tools available to bring the best output is called integrated digital marketing.

CATT framework will work wonders with the help of integrated digital marketing.

Hope you learned about the Marketing fundamentals, Traditional marketing, and Digital marketing in depth.

I’m sure, now you have a broader perspective than before.

If you are a marketing and sales enthusiast and want to excel in your career, I highly recommend you join Digital Deepak Team where you will learn everything from scratch from none other than Deepak Kanakaraju who is a digital marketing expert in India.

Cheers and all the very best!

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Sales and Marketing on social media

Sales and Marketing on social media.

Be it social media or any other medium, first we need to look at the crux of the subject.

Selling on social media is not a rocket science. It is just another platform which is evolved over the time with the progress of technology and innovation.

To sell or promote something, one should know how marketing and sales process works in general.

Back then, we followed traditional marketing for sales. Now we depend on digital marketing as well.

Traditional marketing –

Billboards, banners, pamphlets, paper ads, tv ads, radio ads, door to door marketing were a part of traditional marketing.

The idea is to promote the product to the masses. You may target large number of people, but you never know who your actual audience are.

Whereas in digital marketing, you have an advantage of targeting cult audiences who are most likely to become your customers with the help of detailed targeting and demographic options.

This helps you in curtailing unnecessary costs spent on ads. You will also save time and energy.

Digital Marketing –

In today’s world, everybody has a social presence. We spend most of our time on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

Selling or promoting any product/service through any digital platform is called digital marketing.

All you have to do is to identify your prospects through groups, communities, pages, common interests in order to connect with them and create a sales pitch. This is one way of finding customers in organic way without even spending a single penny.

Another way of finding prospects is through Ads

Example: Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, Instagram ads etc.

For instance, Facebook ads manager is one of the most powerful and sophisticated advertising tools widely used by many companies to sell and promote their products.

With the help of FB ads

  • You can define your target audience.
  • Full control on budget.
  • Flexibility of choosing locations where ads should be displayed.
  • Targeting cult audiences who belongs to groups, communities, common interests etc.

These exclusive and advanced features bring quality leads which are most likely to convert.

Google ads is another great option where you can place ads on search engines and get tremendous results. It is vast and costly too. However, it’s a topic for another day.

Hope you understood the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing. Now let us address the elephant in the room.

A good salesperson is equipped with the following qualities.

  • Product knowledge – a good salesperson will have a complete knowledge about the product which he is selling or promoting.
  • Educating the customers – to sell something, you have to persuade people and show them how your product will solve their problem.
  • Communication skills – most of us get this wrong. Communication is not just about the language. It is all about maintaining end to end coordination and empathizing with the customer throughout the process. 

Your job becomes easy if you know the anatomy behind marketing and sales process. Good luck!!

Time and Success Relationship by Ujwala!

Time and Success!

Time and success have a definite relationship. Now, that definite be direct or inverse.

Is Time being the real factor to be combined with success?

Time and Success both are the masked factors and hard work is the face behind that mask. We all say good times are ahead of us. What is good time or bad time? I have always heard that Time is constant. It never moves then when to call a time good or bad?

We believe when we say this aloud about the good times being ahead; it gives us hope and is an optimistic approach. If something happens in our way and gives us the good results; time is right and if the situation doesn’t benefit us; it is wrong. How right are we to blame time?

Maybe it isn’t the time which is not in our favour but our denial for going that extra mile. Our denial towards the step of success can turn the time to wrong and our inclination can turn it right. Instead of believing on something which is constant one should focus on what is non-constant and that is our efforts. One’s efforts can be halting. If we focus on our determinations by strengthening our willingness to endure our efforts; every single second will be right, virtuous and fruitful.

What is Success?

According to Oxford dictionary, “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” The similar definition is given in most of the dictionaries.

When we say accomplishment of something; it doesn’t mean we should stop after that particular achievement. One should constantly aim in life and always have a purpose bigger than the previous one.

Success is not a dead end. It is a journey with few halts towards the destination of success. Aims/Goals are the stops in the journey. If you have achieved your aim and think that you can relax now; then you are in a big wrong conception. Achieving your one aim is just the first milestone towards the accomplishment of success. Like this, every success nears to attain wisdom.

Let’s understand this with an example:

A person aims to be the General Manager of the company. He had to burn the midnight oil to achieve the position. One fine day, he strikes it and is appointed as general manager. If he stops now working hard and believes that he is successful; he will fall out in a very short time. To keep up that position he will have to work harder and aims higher. Likewise, his endeavour will continue, and time will be with him.

Success and wisdom are the two corners of a rope. It takes vital struggle to reach from one end to another. Wisdom is the ultimate destination in the journey of success. It is not achieved in overnight. One has to pull up his socks to fly above the clouds.

Time and success have a direct relationship elevated by hard work.

Hard work combined with time helps us to sail the boat of success. Constantly sailing the boat of success takes us to the shore of wisdom where success merges with the wisdom.

Hope you liked this piece of content by Ujwala (Content writer and a storyteller.)!

The Short Explanation of Farm Bill 2020

The short explanation of Farm Bill 2020. A clear view in layman’s terms.

The new agriculture bill is passed by the parliament of India on 27th September 2020 and the three acts are collectively known as Farm Bill 2020 or Farmers Bill 2020.

1. Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, 2020

After the enforcement of this bill, unlike in the past, a farmer can sell his crop anywhere in the country without any restrictions.

In what sense?

For better understanding, we must look into the past.

In the past, farmers used to sell their crops only in their local APMC’s

(APMC) – Agricultural Produce Market Committee is a place or market yard where a farmer can go and sell the crop to retailer at certain price or at (MSP)minimum support price. All districts of all states in our country have set up their own APMC’s which are functioned by the respective state governments only.

(MSP) minimum support price is a norm set by the Indian government to safeguard farmers.

How MSP protects the farmers? – when the demand for a crop goes down, the price also goes down. In this case, farmer will not get a good price which he deserves and besides that he had already put his hard work, time, and money to develop the crop & bring it to the market.

When retailers and open markets do not offer a good price for any peculiar reasons or in extraordinary situations, government will pay MSP to the farmer and buy crop from him directly. So, farmer gets a minimum profit for his agriculture produce.

Retailers are like middlemen between farmers and consumers who purchase crops directly from the farmers in APMC’s and distribute to other places like wholesale markets and other vegetable vendors. Retailers must hold a licence from the state government to do these activities in APMC’s.


Now according to the new bill, a farmer can sell his crop not only in local APMC but also in other APMC’S which are available across the country i.e., interstate and Intra state. The new bill also allows farmers to sell their agricultural produce outside the market yards like Warehouses, factory premises, cold storages etc. without having to pay market fee or cess.

They can also trade directly with corporate industries without any involvement of APMC’s and Middleman. This is a full stop for Brokerage and corruption.

And facilitating electronic trading system so farmers can buy and sell the agricultural produce through electronic devices and internet. 

This results in…

a) Scalability – Allowing farmers to go an extra mile b) Prohibition of unnecessary market fee and cess, c) No corruption through middleman d) Setting up new e commerce platforms.                                                                                                        

2. Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Act, 2020

This bill is also known as ‘Contract Farming Bill’ emphasizing contract farming, first of its kind.

The new model is about setting up a legal framework between farmer and buyer.

Any corporate company or wholesale dealer can directly approach the farmer and make a deal without the involvement of retailers or middleman.  

Example: This bill enables marketplaces like DMart, Bigbazar, Ratnadeep stores and otherCorporate vendors reach out to the farmers directly and buy crops from them.

Since there is no middleman, brokerage and corruption involved, a farmer will have multiple options in the market. He can sell wherever he wants and demand the good price.

Upon mutual understanding, farmer and buyer will make an agreement in terms of crop quantity, quality, rate, and timeframe etc. The agreement is made prior to the production of the crop.

Therefore, contract farming will be game changer for farmer, making the room for going beyond the boundaries.

3. Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act, 2020

The ECA (Essential commodities Act) is introduced in 1955 and is just modified now by removing certain items from essential commodities list.

From the name itself, we can understand that Govt of India accumulated a few commodities under this category which are essential. This includes foodstuff, drugs, fuel (petroleum products) etc.

Govt can anytime remove existing items from the list and add new items depending upon the situations. The idea is to regulate the production, supply, distribution of these items in order to make them available to consumers at affordable price.

Since it is agriculture bill, union govt has removed food crops such as cereals, pulses, potato, onions, edible oilseeds and oils, from the list of essential commodities.

Indeed, these commodities are essential in our daily life. But by removing these foodstuffs from essential commodities leads to high demand, less supply.

Simple math, when demand is greater than the supply, there will be a shortage and price go higher.  

so, there will be a price spike in the market for such commodities. This is to boost the income of farmers who produce these commodities.  

As we discussed earlier, this is not a permanent amendment. Govt can anytime add them again to essential commodities list OR revise the act in extra ordinary situations like war, famine, and natural calamities to bring down the cost and make them available for everyone.

 Example: On 14th March 2020 Union government added face masks and hand sanitizers to essential commodities list to make sure these products are available at fair price and right quality during the pandemic. By July 1st, 2020 govt has removed masks and sanitizers from essential commodity list.

Purpose of the farm bill is to safeguard and protect the farmers, by empowering them with new methodologies and creating opportunities to boost their income.  

That is all for the 2020 Indian Agriculture Reform.

Empathy in Personal life and Professional life.

Empathy in personal life and professional life

This article helps you to understand the importance of empathy in personal life and professional life.


As per google, empathy is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another”.

That precisely means empathy is the ability or a way of reciprocating to someone’s feelings be it good or bad. It makes people feel better, and comfortable when things are going in wrong direction for them.

You can also empathize with people who are exuberant and extremely happy. So, the opposite person will understand that you care about their feelings too.

Empathy in personal life

We offer empathy to so many people in so many ways in our daily life knowingly or unknowingly.

A few situations that we can relate to…

We feel sorry for a friend who could not make it to the final round of an interview.

We feel sad for a friend who is ruled out of exams for not paying the fee in given time frame.

We feel happy for our brother who has got an admission in a great university.

We feel happy for our children’s success at school or college level.

We not only just feel, but we empathize. We go to them and do share our feelings. Indeed, we tell them how actually we felt for those situations and shed some positive light because they are the closest people in our lives. We know this personal touch will instil some confidence in them to go fight and to flourish.

That is exactly what empathy is ‘the ability to understand and share the feelings of another’.

Here are some examples of empathy statements that we often use.

Hey, I am so sorry that you had a bad experience!

I’m disappointed as much as you. This should have not happened to you! hope things will get better!

I’m incredibly happy for you brother. You deserve it!

I m happy for your success!

So on and so forth. This is how we empathize in personal lives.

The statements we choose to use when reacting to somebody’s pleasant or unpleasant situations are called empathy statements.

Empathy in professional life

We empathize with people in personal life very naturally depending upon the situations. Whereas in professional life, empathy becomes necessary and sometimes plays an important role to satisfy the opposite person.

Example: Customer service

Customer service is a responsible profession where end to end coordination is required. People are disappointed and get easily pissed off if they are not satisfied with a product or service.

If you observe customer service agents, they are polite and composed while speaking to the customers and responding to their queries be it a phone call or face to face.  They know that the customer/client is not happy for some reason.

Acknowledging the customer issue, empathizing makes a huge difference.

Imagine that you are a customer who purchased a brand-new phone from a mobile store 1 month ago, and went back to them in a while complaining about the damage.  What kind of response do you expect from them?

Response 1 Is this phone still under warranty? If so, we will repair it. Please leave the phone here, come back after a week to collect it.

Response 2 I am so sorry that you had a bad experience with this device. I know how it feels but not to worry. I will help you in this regard. Let me check if this device is under warranty period. Sir, good news! it is still under warranty so your phone will be repaired at free of cost. I assure you about that.

Here, the situation is same, and the solution is same but the Response2 stands out because acknowledging the customer pain with empathy is what we see here. This makes you (customer) feel comfortable and assured.  

Don’t you expect the same being a customer?

Every problem has a solution in this world but the approach matters. Even a disappointed customer or an irate customer can become loyal to you if the approach is correct.

That’s the power of empathy and so is the reason empathy plays an important role in corporate field especially in customer service-related jobs.

Just FYI, there are three types of services available.

  1. SAS (Software as a service)
  2. PAS (Platform as a service)
  3. IAS (Infrastructure as a service)

In today’s generation, most of the products and services have a support team to assist their customers 24/7, 365 days. (Television, computer, Mobile phones, vehicles, real-estate, food and beverage, healthcare, clothing, internet etc.)

Just imagine about the number of agents working round the clock, the amount of time, and efforts it takes to put a smile on the customer face. Despite all the energy spent, they feel happy when you are happy, and they struggle when you struggle. They empathize with you through out to make you comfortable and happy. 

This personal touch is called empathy and it is powerful which cannot be replaced with any artificial intelligence or automation tools forever.

World is beautiful and still it is what it is because of its harmony. Positive people, positive thoughts, and positive emotions makes world a better place.

Empathy is a positive and pure emotion just like gratitude which can have an impact on other lives. 

Hope you figured out the importance of empathy in personal life and professional life.

Bonus tip: If you are somebody who is willing to be a professional in customer centric domain now or in near future, remember these 3 golden rules.

Connect –>Engage –> Resolve

  1. Connect – Greeting/wishing the customer
  2. Engage – Acknowledge the issue, empathize with customer, and figure out the problem.
  3. Resolve – look at the possibilities and provide the best solution.

If you like this information helpful, please comment below and let us know your thoughts.

What is SEO and SEM in Digital Marketing | Explained

What is SEO and SEM in Digital Marketing? How it works?

If you are new to digital marketing concepts this information will amaze you because the anatomy behind every single user search in google has lot to do with SEO and SEM.


First and foremost, what is digital marketing?

Any product or service that we sell through digital platforms/channels is called digital marketing. Example e commerce websites like Amazon, flipkart etc.

Now let the cat out of the bag.

Google is the no 1 search engine on the planet. It records some million number of searches per minute across the globe. It shows how people are dependant and reliable on google for everything. In daily life, we search google for everything under the sun.

Let’s say a user is searching for “best shopping malls in Hyderabad” google fetches lot of search results with required information for the keyword “best shopping malls in Hyderabad”. Look at the picture below. 

In the same way, people search google for tons of information on various topics be it food, clothing, healthcare, education, travel, etc. People refer to all search results and eventually pick one.

This is how companies, business owners and entrepreneurs are selling their products and services by optimizing their content, and by making it compatible with search engine. This is digital era.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) comes into the play. SEO is a technique used by webmasters to bring organic traffic from google to the websites where they would like to sell their products.

Another example: “Best IELTS Online Coaching in Hyderabad”. Look at the picture below

From the picture, you can see desiplatform’s article is ranking in 1st page of google for the keyword “Best IELTS Online Coaching in Hyderabad”.

We know that people are searching with this key word. Especially the students who are willing to go abroad for higher studies. Therefore, desiplatform did its research on the keyword and its volume and listed out the names of few online training platforms in the form of an article. As a result Desiplatform gets lots of organic traffic for this article.


SEO Analysts does a lot of keyword research so they will know what people are searching for and what keywords they are using for the search. Accordingly, they write SEO content on websites, landing pages, and submit them to google through a tool called google search console also known as web masters tool.

Therefore, when a user is searching with any keyword, google fetches the results for those keywords only. This is how SEO works.

Optimizing the content according to the user requirement and therefore applying SEO techniques like keywords, link building, on page seo, off page seo is called search engine optimization. It is so depth and a topic for another day.

SEO is to get organic traffic from search engines to the websites or landing pages. Hope you understood what SEO stands for.

What is SEM?

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) also brings organic traffic from search engine but you will have to pay for it. Especially when a keyword has lot of competition, it gets difficult to rank in google 1st page.

To put it in a simple way, when SEO technique is not working due to the competition SEM comes into the picture. Please refer to the picture below (“Best Data science training in Hyderabad”) search results.

The Keyword “Best Data science training in Hyderabad” is an example for SEM. It is an Ad. You can see clearly that we pointed it in red circle.

You can find the difference of SEO & SEM search results from the pictures we shared.

SEM articles are shown as Ads because SEM is a paid version. Mostly Big companies or new companies who wants to sell or advertise their products are likely to go with SEM. They don’t mind spending more money.

Google AdWords is a separate tool for placing ads in search engines like google and YouTube (SEM Purpose).

Google Search Console or Web Master Tool is used to get your site or article indexed with google search engine (SEO purpose).

Hope you figured out the difference between SEO and SEM. Let us know if you have any questions in the comment box.

If you find this interesting, go and join a full-time digital marketing course and learn from best mentors. Digital Marketing is in full swing and it is the next big thing!

Is Sales Just A Numbers Game? | How should we perceive sales?

Is sales just a numbers game? Is there an approach to understand and look it in a bigger picture?

We often see that a larger section of people and professionals claim that sales is just a numbers game and all about transactions. Maybe it is partially correct, but it is imperative that one should always look sales from wider perspective.


Sale is a long-term game. It is something beyond your theory.

Just because you launched a brand-new product or service into the market, that does not mean customers will throng into the stores to buy your products and avail your services.

It would be a wrong assumption and illogical without understanding its magnitude.  It takes some time to get there.  

The basic things to keep in mind:

  1. First, it depends on the Niche that your product or service belongs to.
  2. Knowing your Audience
  3. The Value which you create through the product.
  4. Most importantly it depends on how you Position yourself and your brand in the market.

These are the core elements which go hand in hand and lead to sales eventually.  

Niche is a category or subcategory that your product or service belongs to.

Automobiles, Hardware, Software, Beauty, Fitness, Healthcare are some of the examples for Niche service/products.

Don’t try to be a jack of all trades instead stick to the one niche.

Niches are the Riches!


Your niche product or service will define who your target audience are.

You cannot sell a BMW car to a mediocre person. It is a stupid thing to do because people below the poverty lines, they hardly get to make their ends meet. You cannot expect them to buy luxury products. Therefore, it is important to know who your target audience are.

Sales becomes easy when you have a clear idea about what you are selling and to who you are selling. Agree?

Value & Brand Image (Positioning)

Once you define the target audience, start creating value for them through your products and services.

Creating value is making customers happy through your products/services by solving their problems. Maintain the quality and consistency so they will trust you forever.  

Consumer behavior is always a reflection of your service. They reciprocate with you and the value which you created returns with multiplied down the lane.

This is how you position yourself in the market as a good brand over the time.

Microsoft and Apple are great examples.

They stand out from the crowd because they have built great products and created value to the customers, maintained it for years.

Marketing, advertising, strategy everything works if all these 4 elements are aligned properly.

After all sales is a long-term game.

Therefore, make sure you have a good understanding of Niche, Audience, Value, and brand image.

P.S. In this competitive world, we easily get obsessed over few things and then we start comparing everything with our contemporaries in the market. You want quick results, and success immediately. When it does not happen, you will lose confidence and become sensitive.

As a result, you will get attracted to wrong people. Every Tom, and Dick will teach you how to do the business.

There is nothing like a successful blueprint. You will have to create your own sunshine. You must experience it on your own and learn the things.

And now tell me what is sales according to you? If you find this piece of content useful, let us know your thoughts in the comment section!  

What is Herd Immunity in simple terms?

What is herd immunity? Does it help to fight covid19?

Herd immunity or herd protection in simple terms is nothing but when a larger section of people in a community or country gains resistance power to fight any infectious, contagious diseases like covid19 epidemic.

When majority of the people get exposed to such diseases and develop antibodies in their blood to survive, chances are less that they spread virus to other people. It helps in flattening the curve.

To put in a nutshell, the idea is that the higher proportion of the population should be exposed to the virus and survive by developing antibodies in their blood, so they will not get effected again. Therefore, they do not transmit virus to others.

As of now, its an assumption that virus will not attack again on those who are already survived it. At the same time, we have not seen such cases so far.

How it works?

In this scenario, we need at least 70%-80% of the population to be immunized.

Once, 70%-80% of the population is immunized to the disease, through social distancing and by taking some preventive measures we can save remaining 20%-30% population.

This helps in easily isolating the unaffected ones from effected people and it lowers the burden on health care system as well.

Herd immunity can be achieved in two ways.

  1. Naturally 2) Mass Vaccination

As we already discussed that we need 70%-80% population to be immunized naturally to break the chain.

According to WHO(world health organization) and Stanford, through their recent studies and extensive surveys on countries like Sweden, Germany, France, China etc. it is clearly noticed that only 2%-3% of population are having antibodies in their blood to fight the disease naturally.

That’s definitely not a good sign.

In this regard, no country can afford to experiment on herd immunity without having a vaccine.

Especially in hugely populated countries like India we cannot go for herd immunity without a medicine or vaccine in the place.

Imagine that there is no medicine for covid19 and if virus is attacking back on those who already survived. That could be the worst thing that can happen to our planet because it spreads like a wildfire without any control. There is no way to stop it.

Mass vaccination has helped us to fight many diseases like polio, hepatitis etc. in the yesteryear’s.

As of now, this is vague because covid19 is first of its kind.

So, its advisable to cope up with the situations slowly in daily life by maintaining social distance (physical distance), take necessary precautions to stay hygiene until we get a medicine or vaccine.

Definitely, there is a hope for some light at the end of the tunnel as entire world has encountered many epidemics in the past and able to come out successfully.

Physical and Mental health both are important to deal with uncertainty.  It’s important for us to be positive, united and maintain a good harmony at tough times to bring the best out of the worst.

This too shall pass.

Feel free to share your opinions!

Best way to deal with employment gaps in interviews

Most people face this situation in their career. Indeed, it’s an important factor to consider.

Rather than just filling the gaps on resume, one should really focus on how to deal with it in job interviews because that is where the challenge begins, and it can make or break the deal.

So, this article is more inclined towards real time scenarios and by the end of this post, you will figure out a way to tackle the situations when you go for an interview.

The best way to deal with employment gaps in interviews is as follows.

Don’t forget that you are exploring a long-term career so be careful and responsible.  

To deal with employment gaps in interviews, let us see the reasons for employment gaps:

There are good chances that you might fall under categories below:

  1. A Novice. A person who has not done anything yet and completely new to a particular field AKA Fresher.
  2. Quantum jumps (one field to another): Example, you have been working in customer service field for some time. Later, you switched to IT field because of your passion over the time.
  3. Flip (Businessman to Employee): Let us say that you are a businessman for some period but later you shut it down due to loss. Therefore, you must leave everything and start a career in any field which might be completely new for you.

We will discuss how to deal with the situations at each stage. First let us talk about some reality in the market.

What you need to understand is covering up the employment gaps in resume just for the sake of it will not help you to succeed in the long run. Maybe you can experiment and succeed but it is temporary. You may also get into trouble down the lane.

You are just stopping yourself from growing in the future. You may look good on the paper but upfront you will face challenges.

Especially when you discover great opportunities, you must prove your talent. You might come across situations where everybody will be noticing your real talent i.e. the actual you. Since you have never been in that zone, it’s a big red flag for you and might end up loosing miserably. What you really bring on to the table will move the needle.

People will like you for what you are! This comes from being honest and having Authenticity. There is no shortcut for success.

For all three categories, one thing is common and important to cross this bridge.


Learn the skill. Skill gives hands on experience, real-time problem-solving & thinking abilities, and skill gives confidence. Confidence is the Key!

  1. A Novice

Presentation matters! Being honest with the interviewer and explaining about your past, present situations and let him/her know that the gaps were for some peculiar reasons. Explain what made you to apply for the job at this point.

Since you learned a skill, prove them that now you are equipped with everything that is required for the job. Show your certifications & courses.

Most importantly, let the interviewer know that you are willing to start career as a fresher & flexible for changes. Once you are confident and able to prove them that you are a good fit for the requirement there should be no issues.

On another note, apply for jobs in start-ups because start-ups are great places for freshers. They don’t bother about how much experience you carry. What really matters to them is the skill, willingness to learn, and adoptability to a culture. They have always opened the doors for fresh and new talent. They need people who are full of commitment.

Once you bag some experience from small and medium enterprises, you can focus on career growth and target big companies.

Everything depends on how you communicate. Develop your communication skills. Attend the interviews regularly. There is always a room for improvement.

2.Quantum Jump – One Field to Another

It is quite a challenging task to switch from one field to another because you must start everything from scratch. Everything is completely new.

Embrace new skills and knowledge.

As usual once you learnt the skill that is required for the job, you must apply it by practicing regularly. Be consistent.

Ex: If you choose to be a software developer, develop your own project. Find some local clients and try to solve their problems. Get projects from them. You can develop a website for your friend’s business, neighbours or closest resources who may be looking for some help in this regard.


Work on private projects, may be do some freelancing work. There are lot of platforms available where you get short term gigs.

You can add them all in resume, share links and portfolios with the interviewer and tell them that you have got hands on practice and experience while handling those private projects.

If you are genuine and providing the proofs, your experience will be considered though you did not work for any company. It depends on the way you negotiate your skills.

There are so many people in the market who does this. They started on their own and positioned themselves in the market and finally landed in their dream jobs. If they can do it, you can do it. Stand out from the crowd.

3.Flip – Businessman to Employee

If you are a businessman in the past, the kind of a job which you choose upfront really matters.

It is recommended to choose a job which is related to your previous business because you might already have relevant experience and got lots of expertise from the past.

It’s a great opportunity to tell client that you have indulged in multiple responsibilities like brand building, market research, administration, accounts management, marketing etc.

Show them the case studies. Any client would love to hire experienced consultants because of various reasons. Experienced candidate has multiple skills, quick learner, flexible to the changes, adoptable to the new culture and they execute well and deliver results. Most importantly experience add value to any new venture.

It is an added advantage of choosing a relevant field.

If you want to choose something different, follow both (category 1 & 2).

So, the best way to deal with employment gaps in interviews is to learn the skills, practicing, embrace the new change, being true to yourself.

Respect the work and work will take care of you.

We took a few possible examples to make this article understandable to everyone who face this situation.  We believe any candidate who wants to deal with employment gaps can relate to these three categories and sort out the problem. Feel free to share your opinions.