Naresh Kumar is a Hyderabad based renowned digital marketer. He is well known for his writings on his own website/blog called Desi platform which is now a source for many aspiring writers, bloggers and marketing and sales professionals.

Naresh was very successful in establishing Desi platform not only as an information hub for various topics but also as a mini search engine in India. Desi platform gets a lot of organic traffic on daily basis for various keywords, queries and searches done by people across the world. His efforts in brining experts, thought leaders, and influencers from different industries under one roof and contributing skill development to people from all walks of life is commendable.

He believes in creating value through his service and products. Naresh is famous for writing complex topics in layman’s language so it can be easily read and understood by everyone. Thus, his books are always sold as hot cakes.

Naresh has more than 50 international clients across the globe, and he had been featured in CNBC TV18 – Young Turks Television show. Clients love him for his business ethics and the value which he creates through his innovative products and services.

His next venture Foreignfolks is already in news and creating a buzz among many business entrepreneurs. Foreignfolks is another great project of Naresh which will help lot of Indian students to full fill their foreign dreams. The idea is to address the challenges of students, and immigrants regarding abroad education, travelling, post arrival, career opportunities, communities etc.

Naresh is a multifaceted talent. His vision is to make people empowered with education, and skill development through his digital marketing services and writings. He encourages everyone to develop scientific temper and rational thinking which is very vital to make the world a better place.

He often travels to various places and discover new things.